Supervision for Registered Interns

Evolve Counseling Center offers clinical supervision for registered interns who have completed their master’s degree and are working toward licensure as a mental health counselor and/or marriage and family therapist.

Quality supervision is vital at the beginning of a clinical career. Developing a community of supportive peers and learning about one’s own strengths and preferences as a clinician are important elements to build a rewarding counseling career and avoid burnout.

Tanya Johnson, LMHC is a Qualified Supervisor for both mental health counseling and marriage and family therapy. Ms. Johnson’s supervision style is collaborative and empowering – you will not be expected to follow a specific therapeutic orientation or style. Supervision will focus on your development and confidence as a counselor in the direction you choose to focus on.

Ms. Johnson is also a Distance Certified Counselor. Using technology in counseling and healthcare is a growing part of the field, and learning to ethically use technology such as videoconferencing, texting, and emailing with clients is a vital part of practicing distance counseling. Ms. Johnson is a recognized expert in using technology in counseling and can help you incorporate this into your practice.

Florida’s Chapter 491 Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling defines how supervision must take place:

“The supervision experience must have consisted of at least 1,500 hours providing psychotherapy face-to-face with clients for the profession for which licensure is sought, and shall be accrued in no less than 100 weeks.

At least 100 hours of supervision per 1,500 hours of psychotherapy face-to-face with clients provided by the intern;

At least one (1) hour of supervision every two (2) weeks;

at least one (1) hour of supervision per fifteen (15) hours of psychotherapy, with a minimum of one (1) hour of supervision every two (2) weeks.

If the applicant obtained group supervision, each hour of group supervision must alternate with an hour of individual supervision. Individual supervision is defined as one supervisor supervising no more than two (2) interns and group supervision is defined as one supervisor supervising more than two (2) but a maximum of six (6) interns in the group.”


ECC supports registered interns working toward their license by offering group, triadic, and individual supervision at affordable rates.

Group supervision: $35 per hour

Triadic supervision: $50 per hour

Individual supervision: $100 per hour (online sessions available)

Group supervision meetings are offered in the evenings to accommodate those who work daytime hours.

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Need more information? See ECC’s Supervision Contract.

and Tanya Johnson’sfull CV.