Online Counseling

Online counseling is a convenient option for people who are accustomed to using technology in other aspects of their lives, or are unable to drive to a counselor’s office each week. Some prefer online counseling because sessions can be held at their home or office, which affords more privacy than walking into a therapist’s office. Because Evolve Counseling Center’s counselors have unique insight into the experience of leaving a religious community, we have decided to offer online sessions for those who cannot find this service near their home.

Evolve Counseling Center offers distance services in one of two ways:

  • through video conferencing using a webcam
  • through text-based instant messaging

Distance counseling is most effective using video conferencing, because you and your counselor can see and talk to each other, which is the closest thing to being in the same room together. Because some gestures or body language may still be out of frame, your counselor may ask a lot of clarifying questions. Video conferencing sessions can be conducted via Skype, VSee, or FaceTime.

The second option, instant messaging, is a way of communicating that a lot of people are used to using. This option can be useful for those who have limited privacy, or would prefer to be able to take a few extra moments to write down a thought, delete it, rewrite it, then send it. At the end of an instant message session, you also have a record of the whole conversation. Instant messaging sessions can be conducted via Skype or Vsee.

If you are interested in online sessions, please read our Privacy Policy Here.

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