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The world is what you make it; at Evolve Counseling Center we help empower you to create change. By identifying and amplifying your strengths, we help you discover healthy ways to navigate through life’s transitions effectively. We assist in developing the necessary skills to cope, deal and ultimately evolve into a better you.

Life has many challenges, at times it can be overwhelming; we can help you identify, navigate, and overcome these challenges. We help you grow. Sometimes taking the first step towards change or better understanding is the most challenging. Yet, often lost, is the realization that the first step is only the beginning. At Evolve Counseling Center, we understand that life is a series of steps that make up the many.

With over a decade of experience in the field, we understand the processes your journey entails, this means that along the way our clients develop the necessary tools for engaging the world. Our client-centered approach puts you in control over your own growth; we believe that this is at the heart of mental well-being.

We provide mental health services to couples, children, adolescents and adults dealing with a wide range of issues; such as grief, communication/relationship issues, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, life changes, substance abuse issues and others. Tanya provides unique guidance for those transitioning through religious or faith-based life changes, and Fatima specializes in trauma and life transitions. Please read more about specialty areas here.

We also provide distance counseling for those not living in the Miami area or who find it difficult to make it to our offices. We have two convenient locations; one in Aventura and one in the Midtown area. Call Tanya or Fatima or email us today to begin your journey.